Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Urology’s Heath Services Research Division. Or, as we affectionately like to call it, EGG (Evidence-based Genitourinary Group).

Urology Health Services Research Division Logo
The EGG logo as designed by alumni Omar Ayyash and Avinash Maganty and Research Project Coordinator Mia Alcorn

Our Mission

The health services research group in the Department of Urology at the University of Pittsburgh strives to improve the delivery, access, and quality of urologic care through innovative health services research. We will create an environment that actively recruits, develops, and retains traditionally underrepresented groups in urology, encourages multidisciplinary collaboration, and demands integrity in its pursuit of knowledge. In the process, we aim to train the next generation of health services researchers.

Our Vision

To be one of the elite health services research groups in the country.

Our Goals

  • To cultivate a diverse, accepting, and transparent culture that fosters innovative research  
  • To recruit thoughtful and motivated researchers  
  • To produce high-quality, impactful studies that change practice in positive ways 
  • To train future health services researchers 
  • To ensure sustainability through funding (intra- and extramural) and philanthropy